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What is Addiction?
Information On Addiction

An emotional, spiritual, physical pain that generates a big black bottomless hole. A hungry, thirsty hole, it seems to devour everything – the good, the bad and the ugly. The pain seems at times, unquenchable. You want to get relief from this pain, even if only for [...] more

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About Us

Sharad Verma, the Founder of AARIT RECOVERY CENTRE. He was himself in active addiction for over 2 decades. It was his determination and desire to overcome his addiction, which brought about a miraculous change in his life.A change for the better. During the early years [...] more
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Why Us?
Our Uniqueness

At AARIT Recovery Centre, We believe that an addict CAN recover. All that is required is a strong desire to CHANGE the way you think!  At AARIT Recovery, we show you how to address your fears and deal with them in a simple yet irrefutable manner leading to a healthy [...] more
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